Air pollution control system

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Air Pollution Control System

We are providing CAP device to control the pollution causes by industrial effluent gases.

CAP device designed on basis of types of industries, stack analysis of pollutants, availability of space for implement the CAP system in plant, Various parameter for boiler safety and efficiency, variation of operating parameters ,etc.

CAP device mainly worked in three stage:-

  1. To reduce the suspended particular matter
  2. To reduce the toxic gases such as NOx, CO, HC through catalytic conversion
  3. To Capture the CO2 and SOx through inert wet anion exchange services.


To Reduce pollutant (Such as SPM, CO, NOx, SOx, HC, CO2) emitted from industrial effluent gases.

Salient future:-

  1. System is renewable. There are no requirement of material replacement in device.
  2. Efficiency of system can optimize easily as per type industrial effluent gases.
  3. System designed with considering to resolve the back pressure problem and without influencing boiler efficiency.
  4. Device capacity and dimension are consider based on stack analysis of effluent gases
  5. During operation, no man-power require if automation system include with this system
  6. Low capital investment due to compact design of device based on stack analysis.
  7. Low operating cost
  8. Require minimum water for renew the system.
  9. Increase the residency time of catalytic conversion.