Biodigester Technology

Biodigester technology for human waste management


Bio-Digester Technology For Human Waste Management

Bio-digester Technology developed by DRDO(Defense Research & Development Organization). We are TOT holder for Biodigester technology in association with Go Green Solution Pvt Ltd.

We are providing Bio-digester with Bio-Toilet, Bio-Digester with Mobile-Toilet, Bio-Digester for Railway, and Bio-tank cum reed bed.

Main objective of technology for human waste management are:-

  1. No energy dependence
  2. Affordability
  3. Long lasting (at least 15 years)
  4. Require minimum water for cleaning
  5. Space constraints
  6. Allow weather system
  7. Allow use of toilet cleaning agents for better hygiene
  8. Free of manual scavenging/evacuation and maintenance

Biotoilet With Biodigester Tank

  1. The dimensions and internal design varies with no. Of users, water availability and geo-climatic conditions
  2. Fermentation container made of mild steel / ss / frp / bricks.
  3. Anaerobic microbial consortium developed by acclimatization / enrichment of microbes at low temperature and bio-augmentation with critical group of bacteria.

Salient Feature Of Technology

    • Disposes human waste in a 100% ECO friendly manner.
    • Generates colorless, odorless inflammable bio gas and clear odorless water. Water contain full of nutrients and minerals and is good for irrigation purpose of near by gardens, lawns etc.
    • Does not require any septic tank, sewage tank connectivity.
    • Existing out of order septic tank can be replace by Bio-digester in existing public and domestic toilets.
    • 100% maintenance free, continuous biological process.
    • Routine cleaning chemicals do not harm the system.
    • Increase the residency time of biodegradation.
    • Inoculums charges only once during the entire life.
    • Independent on the limited and costly conventional energy resources.