Phytorid Technology For Sewage & Industrial wastewater treatment

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Phytorid Technology For Sewage Water and Waste Water Treatment

Phytorid Technology Developed By National Environment Engineering Research Institute(NEERI). We have TOT of Phytorid Technology and associated with Go Green Solution Pvt Ltd.

Application of Phytorid Technology is to treat sewage and waste water treatment for domestic and industrial Sector.

Phytorid is a Scientifically developed systematic treatment methodology for wastewater.

  • Phytorid combines physical, biological and chemical process.
  • Works on gravity.
  • No electric power requirement.
  • Scalable technology.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Adds to aesthetics.
  • Cost effective.

Salient future of Phytorid Technology :

  • Treatment efficiencies for the removal of faecal coliforms, BOD, COD, nutrients are up to 95%, which is greater than the traditional chemical methods.
  • It is a very cost effective technology when compared with the traditional wastewater treatment methods.
  • Since it utilizes natural vegetation and rhizosphere microorganisms, it is eco-friendly method of treating sewage.
  • An important factor to be considered is the aesthetic improvement that is provided by this methodology.
  • No mosquitoes and odour nuisance
  • The treated water can be used for enhancement of environmental architecture such as roadside fountains.
  • The quality of treated water is comparable to irrigation standards