(1) Air pollution control services:-

We facilitate air pollution control services to industrial sector and automobiles. We give complete solution for air pollution control through considering various parameter like type of industry, stack analysis of pollutants, availability of space for implement the air pollution control system in plant, various parameter for boiler safety and efficiency, variation of operating parameters ,etc

  • (a) Air pollution control services for industrial sector. (link of product – Air pollution system)
  • (b) Air pollution control services for auto-mobile sector. (link of product – Catalytic converter)


(2) Waste water treatment services:-

We provide services for sewage treatment plant and industrial waste water treatment plant. We give preferable complete solution for industrial waste water treatment based on types industrial waste water, types of pollutant in waste water, quantity of waste water, etc.

  • (a) Services for Sewage treatment plant (link product Phytorid technology, Biodigester and Biotoilet)
  • (b) Services For industrial waste water treatment(link product phytorid technology)


(3) Waste Management Services :-

We are providing complete solution and consultancy work for kitchen waste/ solid waste management/organic waste management like agriculture waste, garden waste and any other compostable waste. Solid waste are utilized as compostable fertilizer and bio gas. Waste management technology are design on the basis of user requirement, cost estimation, purpose of further utilization of waste, maintenance affordability and land availability. We are also providing bio-culture for waste composting and biogas generation.

  • (a) Services for Waste Management (link of product- Waste management and utilization services)


(4) Research and Development in Biotechnology & Environment sector :-

We provides research & development service in biotechnology and environment sector on contract base. Please quote your inquiry for Research & Development on “”.